Welcome to the Gaming Club! At Georgia Highlands College, we help establish . . .

  • A fun and lighthearted community that promotes a positive image of gamers and a comfortable environment to meet others that share interests.

  • Tabletop gaming, featuring newbie tutorials and card game tournaments.

  • Video gaming, with access to online groups for matchmaking for casual and competitive gaming.

  • Access to all of this and more both in person on campus and online in our Discord server!

Find us around using the buttons above.

The Gaming Club will provide the GHC community with opportunities for new and experienced players of table-top games, including tutorial sessions, tournaments and more. The club will promote a more positive image of gamers and gaming, focusing on the benefits of gaming such as building creativity and critical thinking skills; and will create networking opportunities for starting or joining gaming groups on campus.

We’re excited to get involved with students once again! We know changes are being made that everyone may not be available in person for, so we made a solution. Anyone that still wants to hang out can do so by joining the GHC Gaming Club Discord server! Any online only members are welcome to join us for online gaming as well. We have online only events scheduled for members to attend which will be hosted through Discord voice channels.Come join in on the fun!https://discord.gg/SRMZVRBGc3

We are always available to you! Feel free to find us on campus or contact us online if you ever have any questions or concerns.


Lilly Hayes - [email protected]
Client Support Specialist III, Information Technology
Sidnie Fouraker - [email protected]
Public Services Library Associate


Britton Tucker - [email protected]
President of Gaming Club
Floyd, Cartersville
Angel Christ - [email protected]
Vice President of Gaming Club
Cristina Scoretz - [email protected]
Public Relations Manager
Online Representative
Joshua Chastain - [email protected]
Secretary of Gaming Club
Elle Bramlett - [email protected]
Paulding Representative
Sean Wilson - [email protected]
Cartersville Representative
Cartersville, Marietta
Vacant - email
Floyd Representative
Campus availability
Vacant - email
Marietta Representative
Campus availability

We are looking for Floyd and Marietta campus representatives!
Please reach out to us if you are interested.